REGIVERSE Virtual Reality for Architecture

In a few simple steps REGIVERSE allows you to bring any 3D model into virtual reality. REGIVERSE is the only virtual reality system for the architecture on the market.

An innovative service that allows people to enter their future home before it exists or to see how it will be after renovations!




REGIVESE is a service that requires no infrastructure and no subscription. The cost of processing depends on the size of the model, the lighter the file, the lower the cost.
REGIVERSE is the cheapest way to bring your models to VR!

Import of the most used 3D formats

REGIVERSE makes it easy to pass the transition from the favorite editor to VR, so you can leave focus and concentration on design work.

You can upload files with FBX format, OBJ, Sketchup, DAE using weTransfer and find them after a while on the device.

Avoid rendering times

The processing of the models is mede on Cloud system provided by REGIVERSE. For user there are no more processing times, blocked PCs or the need to repeat hours of rendering due to errors.

Mobile for iOS and Android devices

REGIVERSE app is available for smartphones. All models supplied are optimized for mobile VR to make the system simple without requiring any configuration. There is therefore no need for special and expensive equipment and viewers for virtual reality for PCs.

Shared view between client and architect

With REGIVERSE the model displayed by the customer can be projected directly onto a TV wireless, so without the need for cables or ad hoc hardware.

This allows the customer and the architect to view the model at the same time and discuss what is displayed.

Perception of space and collisions

REGIVERSE allows you to activate or deactivate collisions with objects inside 3D environment. This allows the customer to perceive with high level of realism the spaces of the house and how is the livability of the environments.

Can you use REGIVERSE with your products?


What do you just do:

  • Have a mobile device, such as iphone, or an Android smartphone
  • Contact us by entering the form data or sending us an email

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