The main cause of a high cost of the Regiverse projects is the high polygonal number. Why that? To ensure that a small cell phone can reproduce a big 3D project it’s necessary to reduce its weight and complexity. To do this this model must be re-elaborated starting from some specifications, in order to adapt it to the limits of the portable. The lower the number of polygons in a project, the less processing work we have to carry out. For this reason we strongly recommend investing some of your time in cleaning the model from anything that may not be essential, but it can save you a lot of money.
The cost curve for the number of polygons is not linear, but exponential. To guarantee the lowest price range, it is necessary not to exceed 200 thousand polygons.

THE FASTEST METHOD TO DISCOVER WHICH OBJECTS OR SECTIONS HAVE A HIGH NUMBER OF POLYGONS WITHIN THE PROJECT THAT YOU ARE LOADING, it is through wireframe view with transparent surfaces. Activating the view of wireframes, very intuitively you will find that the surfaces that appear denser in your viewport, are those with the highest number of polygons.

Selezione delle superfici densamente più dense a partire da una visuale in wireframe di un modello 3d su Autodesk Maya

Extremely complex objects or with details carved into mesh rather than textures are the main cause of a large number of polygons.
Some practical examples are:

  • hedges, trees and plants, especially if with leaves.
  • rocky terrains sculpted, or gravel with pebbles in 3D mesh.
  • curved fabrics (folded towels, realistic tea towels, curtains, pillowcases or crumpled blankets, etc.)
  • complex embellishment objects (flowers, figurines, vases, etc.)
  • furnishing details (ultra-realistic locks, shower tubes and plugs, computer keyboards, small objects)
  • complex furniture (Lounge style sofas with buttons, or in Baroque style, surfaces with carved wood carvings, complex chandeliers)
  • extremely rounded curved surfaces (shower trays, rounded sinks)
  • internal gears in objects (ball bearings, spotlights with internal components, internal sliding door guides, shower caps for sanitary fixtures or shower heads, toilet brushes bristles)


In many cases we found objects even tripled one on top of the other, which, being located precisely in the same point of the virtual environment, are not apparently visible on sight. These duplications can increase the number of polygons in the project and lead to unpleasant flicker effects. For this reason we recommend that you thoroughly inspect the outliner of your reference software.


The second reason for a high cost of Regiverse projects is the use of many high definition textures.
Regiverse is based on software that can process very heavy elements, but the limit remains the final device. To ensure the fluidity of movements within the virtual world, Regiverse analyzes, processes, compresses and converts the loaded textures. From this, lighter textures result in faster processing. For this reason we recommend resizing all textures as much as possible. In any case, textures with a size greater than 2k show a level of detail that is altered by the viewers themselves and for this reason it is not detectable. Given the average quality of the devices in circulation and the average weight in terms of polygons (which, in the processing process, has a prevalent impact with respect to the management of textures), we recommend keeping the textures to a maximum of 1024px. Remember, the first 15MB of textures with REGIVERSE are free!


Although with lower impact, compared to the polygon count, the use of too many materials can lead to an increase in the model price. For this reason we invite you to perform a merge (union) of the same or extremely similar materials.