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Warning: the price calculator performs an APPROXIMATE estimate of the cost of the 3D model you intend to load.
Once you have uploaded the file you will receive an email with the precise cost of your project.
* Except for rare exceptions, the variance between the results of the price calculator and the official estimates estimated by our operators is less than -/+5% of the total.


The price applied to the processing of the model you do it:
The more you optimize the model, the less you pay it!

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The cost is calculated from the following specifications:

  • Polygonal complexity: the number of polygons that make up the 3D meshes;
  • Weight of textures: optimized textures, therefore with a weight in MB content, less processing, lowering the price;
  • Desired operating systems: do you use Android? Do you use iOS? do you use both?

Once the model has been loaded, we will also give you some tips to save money while keeping quality high.

For more information, we refer to the ad hoc page with all the necessary information: